Business Roundtable Members: Make Election Day a Holiday for Your Employees.

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Have you ever struggled taking time out of your busy day to vote? You’re not alone:

Nearly 60% of voting-eligible Americans did not vote in our last midterm elections, and whopping 35% of those people said that scheduling conflicts with work or school kept them from voting.

Having the right to vote is only useful if we have the time to vote.

And yet, since the dawn of Tuesday as Election Day, the federal government has never attempted to make Election Day a holiday. There's no federal law that governs time off to vote, and only twenty-three states require paid time off to vote. So instead of waiting for Congress to act, we're asking business leaders to step up.

No one should have to choose between working and voting.

The Business Roundtable is a group of CEOs from the largest companies in America, who make collective policy decisions. Their Corporate Governance Committee has already helped implement a number of great policies on behalf of employees. In fact, the leader of that committee is Alex Gorsky, CEO of Johnson&Johnson, who has received a Glassdoor Employee Choice Award three years running.

We're asking Mr. Gorsky and the Business Roundtable members to show their leadership again to increase voter turnout.

If these companies take a stand to make Election Day a holiday for their employees -even commit to a couple paid hours- they will set the example for voter participation in our country.

Join us and call on them America's top business leaders to make Election Day a holiday at their companies.