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Make dementia a health priority!

Dementia can be devastating to all it touches – the person with dementia, their family, friends, colleagues, and their community. Cases of dementia are growing to epidemic proportions and dementia is set to become one of the biggest health crises New Zealand will face. Help is available that can make the journey with dementia easier however, many community services are at capacity and are inadequately resourced to cope with this looming crisis. Only a formal commitment by government will provide our communities with the resources they need to support all people affected by dementia. 

We are asking the Minister of Health and the New Zealand government to formally recognise dementia as a health target, prioritising the needs of the 48,000 New Zealanders who have dementia today, and preparing New Zealand for the tsunami of people with dementia expected in our near future.

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  • Minister of Health, Hon. Tony Ryall

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