Make "Country Rap" an official category for all DSPs and music distributors.

Make "Country Rap" an official category for all DSPs and music distributors.

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Why this petition matters

Started by Fletcher Batts

It is time to make a change!

We are not THOSE rappers!

Since the beginning of the invention of the first country rap record, because it was a hybrid of sorts with a mixture of both Country Music and traditional Hip Hop; country rap hasn't gotten it's fair share of the music spotlight.

By previously having sub-par artist, producers and music industry behavior, Country Rap was NEVER given any level of moderate respect.

Times have changed.

We have a NEW Country Rap.

We have a new influx of talent that respects both the art of Hip hop as well as the traditions of the south and Country Music.

No disrespect to anyone who has created any form of Country Rap thus far but this new stuff "hits different".

After decades of pioneers and trendsetters laying the foundation, we finally have a version of the hybrid genre that the industry will find "acceptable".

In that acceptance comes a more diverse and socially acceptable marketability of the artist, a more widespread reach and influence, as well as influencers within the genre who's words are more than just persuasion and random thoughts. All of these are contrary to what we've been getting from the overwhelming majority of country rap participants and has now grown into the machine that it is today.

Genre wide, Country Rap generates an average of 8-10million a month in revenue. From streaming, to music sales and downloads, to merchandise sales to touring and event management. We have grown from where we were to a more established and reputable genre that is 99.99 percent still independently owned and operated with no outside industry influence.

Now we need your help.

As the genre has grown, so has it's listeners.

But we need to be seen more and have a clear way of doing so.

This is what this petition is for.

This petition is to establish a record stating that we, the people who listen to country rap, don't want to browse through thousands of rappers in the Hip Hop category to find our people.

This petition will help to show the DSPs (digital service providers) like Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, etc etc; that we do not want to sift through thousands of country artist in the country genre to find the few Country Rappers that both sing and rap.

This petition is to start a legitimate movement for all of the artist and labels in Country Rap to put their distributor on notice that WE are petitioning the DSPs in order for the distros to also add the category for our music to be uploaded and categorized properly.

Our artist shouldn't have to create 2 releases (one for country and one for Hip Hop).

Our artist shouldn't have to weigh options of which category will we upload under (Hip Hop or Country)?

By supporting this position you are supporting the effort of making Country Rap a legitimate genre within the industry.

Thanks for your support!

173 have signed. Let’s get to 200!