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Make Corporate Election Funding Transparent


Now that the Supreme Court has decided that unlimited amounts of corporate and union treasury funds can be funneled into elections, it is crucial that the spending is fully transparent.

Congress needs to pass the DISCLOSE Act to ensure that when corporations and labor unions decide to spend unlimited amounts of money on electioneering communications like television ads, they can't hide their spending behind shadow organizations.

As voters, we have a right to know who is paying for our elections.

Sign here to tell the Senate to pass the DISCLOSE Act now.

The DISCLOSE Act has already passed in the House, but it was blocked in the Senate when it failed to get 60 votes in July, and again in September. This isn't over, and we plan to keep fighting. With midterm elections looming, we need to let every senator know that transparency in our elections is a priority.

Let's make sure that those senators who are supporting reform know that we have their backs, and send a clear message to those in opposition that Americans deserve and demand transparent elections.

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