Make Christmas a holiday 364 days a year

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Everyone loves the joy of the Christmas holidays. Families in pajamas in front of a roaring fire. Mistletoe hanging from bright red ribbons. Trees and tinsel and catmint tea...

Why let such a perfect holiday only happen on one day?

Let’s write to our congresspeople, senators, Members of Parliament, Members of the Legislative Assembly, Peers of the Sovereign, and every other political representative we can think of, and demand as politely as possible that Christmas be made a legal holiday 364 days a year!

(Obviously, the final day should be reserved for Boxing Day, because everyone needs a break the day after Christmas. And without Leap Days, what would be the point of February?)

It isn’t easy being a Christmas cat in a pumpkin spice world. But together, we can save Christmas, and bring the wonder of the most magical time of year to each and every day.

Sign the petition. Bring Christmas back. Take on pumpkin spice! And remember —

Tis the season.

 You can read all about where I got the idea for this petition: