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FURTHER ACTION NEEDED: Sainsbury's Response and Huffpost Article!

Ella Daish
Brighton, ENG, United Kingdom

Nov 1, 2018 — 

Hello Super Supporters!

Thank you so much to all of you who are and have been taking action since Monday by contacting Sainsbury’s by email and on social media, calling on them to take responsibility and end period plastic.

Sara from Huffpost took the time to contact and speak to me yesterday regarding the campaign and the action we are taking this week. This has been put into an article today, which is attached. This is brilliant because it spreads the word, raises awareness and will get Sainsbury's attention!

To those supporters that sent Sainsbury’s an email - you will have received an email in response that talks about their commitment to reducing plastic packaging and logging our feedback for future consideration. The time for change and consideration is in the present, not the future where these products will have already had an environmental impact.

We need to keep contacting them, keep up the momentum and people power, because they cannot ignore consumer demand and our desire for positive change to happen!

For those of you who have received the email please use this email in response:

Email both:,

Subject: Sainsbury’s End Period Plastic

Dear Mike Coupe and Sainsbury’s Customer Service,

Thank you for your email about the steps you are taking towards making sure that your packaging is as recyclable as it can be. However, this was only one small part of the email that myself and supporters of the ‘Make all Menstrual Products Plastic Free’ ( campaign sent to you. The email we sent was calling upon you to take the unnecessary plastic out of your own brand period care and to make eco-friendly period products accessible to your customers by stocking them instore whilst making these changes.

In your response you said ‘Please be assured I’ve passed your comments on to our buying team and these will be taken forward to future reviews.’ The only thing I can be confident in is that this issue needs to be reviewed in the present, not the future.

You also mentioned that where possible products come in recyclable cardboard boxes, is this not possible for your whole range of period care? Your tampons and pantyliners come in cardboard packaging however your sanitary towels come in plastic, this is plastic-waste that could be easily tackled.

Regarding the plastic applicators in your range that are made from LDPE, that in your own words ‘unfortunately many local authorities don’t currently reprocess’ does it not follow that the best option for the environment would be to eliminate these plastic applicators and instead replace them with the cardboard applicators that you already produce?

With so many brands out here already producing eco-friendly options, some of which have been doing so since the late 80's, it is evident that period products do not need to contain plastic, and therefore it is imperative that we make change happen, so that these essential products are inflicting minimum damage. I would also like to draw your attention to an article that has been published about the action we are taking:

Over 105K supporters including myself are calling upon you to make a positive difference that benefits all and we do understand that this may take time to change. However, we will not stop contacting you about this important issue, until it is clearly addressed by you.

Yours sincerely,


You can also share your views on Twitter and Facebook about their response with the #endperiodplastic! 

Thank you for your continued support and let's break the plastic cycle, period! 

Ella :) 


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