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Make a Fuss; Save a Bus! Say NO to Port Authority Budget Cuts!

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     With the recent passage of the Pennsylvania budget for fiscal year 2017-2018, our state legislature has been looking for ways to fund the state budget. One route that is being contemplated is a withdrawal from the state trust fund intended to benefit transit systems. These cuts specific to Public Transit will have a profound effect on Pittsburghers, and to this we say, "No!"

     Students for Saving Public Transit is a student-led group based in the Community College of Allegheny County focused on mitigating the proposed cuts to Pittsburgh’s Port Authority Transit by way of petition and other forms of grassroots organization. Tens of thousands of people rely on Port Authority everyday to provide transportation for both work and play and these cuts may have devastating consequences for many of our friends and neighbors.

     Please donate a few minutes of your time to sign our petition and learn just how expansive and far-reaching Port Authority Transit is. Share this information with friends and family so that together we all can "Make a Fuss and Save a Bus! "

Did you know…

  • Pittsburgh Port Authority …

    Accommodates 64,000,000 passengers every year,
    Accommodates 200,000 passengers daily,
    and employs over 2600 people   
  •  People from every income use Pittsburgh Port Authority

    16% of people making under 15,000$/ year use public transit;
    25% of people making 15-35,000$/ year use public transit;
    15% of people making 35-50,000$/ year use public transit;
    16% of people making 50-75,000$/ year use public transit;
    11% of people making 75-100,000$/ year use public transit; and
    12% of people making 100,000$ plus/year use public transit.
  • Port Authority’s federal funding this year is supposed to be almost 242,000,000$. That’s 56-60% of the total budget
  • There is a proposal to cut this funding by 12,000,000$.
  • Port Authority CEO, David Donahoe, says, in order to compensate for these cuts, they may have to…

    Reduce operating hours,
    Eliminate some of the 98 bus lines,
    Stop weekend service,
    Raise fares, and
    Stop capital improvements

What this means for Pittsburghers…

  • If your bus runs from 6:00 AM – 12:00AM, you may not be able to catch your bus before 7:00AM or after 11:00 PM; IF they even keep your bus running.
  • You may not be able to take the bus on weekends at all.
  • There could be hundreds of jobs lost in Port Authority.
  • There could be thousands of other jobs lost, when passengers aren’t able to get to and from work.

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