Make 5billionsales​.​com Pay us or be held accountable for their actions

Make 5billionsales​.​com Pay us or be held accountable for their actions

6 September 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ekemini Udoh

After luring the unsuspecting public with the promise of making money with their data and guaranteed sales, and consequently causing affiliates all over the world to invest time money hopes and dreams and even go about using their hard earned reputations to recruit people into the 5Billion Scheme, came up with every trick imaginable to cheat (and lock out from their accounts) over 1.2 Million Affiliates all over the world from the U.S.A to Pakistan, London to Nigeria, India , Singapore Timbuktu Venezuela - all over the world, including Affiliates who had passed KYC months ago.


This most inconsiderate act of 5billionsales is orchestrated (put into effect on the 1st of August 2022) to prevent Affiliates from withdrawing their funds on the 25th of August 2022 which was the date fixed. The international community (of Affiliates and their families) is aggrieved and seek to know who these people are and that they be held accountable for such an international scale of deception.


5billionsales has refused to provide contact lines for complaints, they continue to hide their identity while demanding that all Affiliates submit their personal identity documents including electricity bills that show peoples living houses. (Who knows where they are selling these data to.)

We have contacted Godaddy, Site123 and the sites advertised on as the people they are purportedly selling our data to. The companies have all denied having any business with 5Billion


During our investigation we discovered that the site website. is hosted by The purport is that the Management and Staff of know the perpetrators of this international hurt scheme.

We have written to to provide the details of these people who have hurt Affiliates all over the world. Luckily they have not denied knowing them, however their response is that they need an order of a U.S. court order or subpoena before they can give us their names. They cannot also rate it an abuse yet because they do not have enough people complaining about the matter. Affiliates, lets visit their inboxes shall we  -

It is believed that the 5billionsales registered name is GUARANTEED SALES & DATA LTD with company number 13624017. GOV.UK can provide the names behind it.


They have caused tears and frustration, caused people to go out of their way to purchase devices they can share on credit in poorer African countries and when it was time to pay, they changed the rules in the middle of the game to the effect that people can no longer share devices and consequently block all the accounts then label them cheaters. The Affiliates signing this petition will speak for themselves with screen shots of all the tricks deployed by

So we make the following plea:

Make pay us in accordance wit the rules we 1st joined with.
Expose the people causing international outcry. Let us know their names so we be weary of them and explore the legal options available to us in our respective countries.


This petition is important because we cannot keep mute while the international community of affiliate cry in frustration. We need to know who these people are why they have hurt us and what they are actually doing with our data to be sure they are not selling it criminals on the black market.

If they are genuine as they say, then they should publish their identities and should pay real people with the original rules and not these new recovery account tricks. It is not done anywhere that rules can be changed in the middle of a game.

This move is important because it will deter other international schemes who don’t intend to pay from raising peoples hopes and causing them to waste valuable time and money.


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Signatures: 96Next Goal: 100
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