Either don't Change the date. Or Change to 3rd/4th June instead of 17th June.

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Please understand, that as final year (4th year 8th Semester) students of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, we have other liabilities and commitments towards our careers jobs life and other things.

Exam routines once published should be taken seriously and not change according to your whims and fancies and *corrigendums*.

You cannot expect people to stay back for an exam which is at a gap of 16 days at such a short notice.

People have planned vacations, trips, signed job offers, internships, police verifications for their Passport applications, flights to catch, have to move on to new colleges, are looking forth to a plethora of opportunities and this is being seen as an impediment which is just fruitlessly making us wait to get our final semester done and dusted.

We don't see a single reason why all of a sudden this rescheduling is required.

We want no shift from 30th May to 17th June.

In case shift is a necessity, shift it to a feasible date like 3rd/4th June.

A sincere 4th year student.