Save The Arctic!

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Arctic animals are dying every day because of more and more oil and gas expansions. We need to help them. The situation for Arctic species is already very bleak but will be even worse if more and more journeys to the north are happening, where the habitat for these animals are being disturbed. Also, more fossil fuels means more pollution and climate change, which means a smaller habitat for these creatures to call home. But together we can STOP OIL EXPANSION IN THE ARCTIC. With your help oil and gas expansion will hopefully be stopped in the far north so these beautiful creatures can live a good wholesome life in the wild. If the government and major oil companies takes these issues than hopefully more and more people will agree and try to save the Arctic. Killer whales, walruses, polar bears, the list goes on and on of species who will become more and more endangered unless we do something about it. So please, sign your name, and save the Arctic.

Note: As of 6/6/2019 (the date I'm writing this) I'm 9 years old and love writing and Arctic animals.