Fire Current MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred

Fire Current MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred

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Started by Erick McKendry

 The Current MLB Commissioner has done a terrible job since he began the position in 2015. The rules he has implemented has stripped us fans away from the traditional baseball that we love to watch. Some of his additions to baseball that frankly need to be thrown away include:

Pace of Play rules: Rules such as the 20 second clock and extra inning runner on second rule are simply horrible. They weren’t there when the game was introduced so why should they be there now.

Cutting Minor League Teams: So many men dream to play professional baseball and Manfred decided to cut their programs and cause them to now be unemployed.

Minor League conditions: The minor league lifestyle is seriously horrendous. This is the first year in the game’s history that minor leaguers even got housing for them. They make less than $10,000 a year for their hard work just to get a shot at the major leagues. They often work other jobs during the off-season and the food they are given during the season is not what they need to perform at their highest quality.

Manfred's fines/league decisions: It is unacceptable that he is still in office after some of his decisions such as the immunity that Astro’s players received after getting caught cheating. His disagreement with the MLBPA causing this years lockout is selfish. His fines he has issued to players such as Trevor Bauer are outlandish on the slightest issues such as their cleats. He allowed baseball to get into politics which nobody wants to see during a baseball game. Now the firing of Ken Rosenthal, one of the best reporters of the game is making headlines.

Unfairness among the league: The last and final point, although there are more, he is blind to the fairness of the league. It is unacceptable that some teams such as the dodgers and astros make it far in the playoffs EVERY year. They spend way more money on their players than small market teams. There needs to be a hard salary cap that allows other teams to keep baseball interesting. Otherwise the game gets boring. 

Overall Manfred’s contribution to the game has been arguably the worst in MLB history. We need him out of office to allow baseball to remain such a fun game. If we do not do anything about this now, then Major League Baseball as we know it will be ruined for years to come.

33 have signed. Let’s get to 50!