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Govt of India is going to start construction on Pancheswar Dam on Mahakali river a 315 m high dam 69 km long ,with apx 180 sq km surface,(hills are conical , submerged hill surface will be much more)which will submerge very fertile fields & habitates made by hard work by ancestors,dense forests, rare fauna & flora, many ancient revered temples,where Pandavs also payed.Huge tunneling & blasting will damage the structure of theses weak hills,rare river fishes will disappear.The ancient & rich river bank culture & civilization will be finished. Govt has left these places away from developement even 70 yrs after independence.Dam will also cause  loosening of higher hills & huge hill slides due huge water reservoir  upto 2400 ft  from sea level,additional 800 to 1000 ft of hills will b destroyed for roads n buildings.  It will also affect the ecology & environment of all kumaon & far west Nepal hills.Drowning of dense forests will produce huge harmful methane gas.The many rare wild animal will loose habitat and will die or will be killed by humans.Residents of 137 villages will have to go through the trauma of painful rehabilitation away from home.Climate will also change in this area.Frequency of increased rains will bring more cloud burst & landslides. Sensitive earth quak zone and international security are also a problem if it is made. 

Our campaign to enlighten govt authorities is -To stop this huge ,worlds biggest dam to avoid these many harms and in place of it to make many smaller dams 60 to 100 m all along river Mahakali,Gori,Dauli & other 7 tributaries,in barren areas as most of countries do,so that .govt gets the desired electricity & water for plains and hills are also saved and developed in place of drowning. 

In the age of solar, wind& nuclear energy also it is not justified to drown precious & unrecoverable ancient ,nature,treasures.culture & river bank hill civilization from age old dam technology. if you think we are right on our approach to save precious assets for next generations,please sign this campaign to put up to govt to make many small dams on River Mahakali & its 9 tributaries in barren areas to benefit all including power n water for irrigation to plains & saving n developing Mahakali river area people & its precious nature assets. 

Jai Hind !


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