7 August 2020
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Started by Seven Wives

We have been asked to stop playing live music outside in our extended beer garden here at The Seven Wives as a few residents have complained.

Mr Boris Johnson said we can play live music outside so we've been doing it and our neighbours have complained.

We've had this pub for 2 years now and built it up to be friendly, stylish family community hub/pub for the people of St ives and a far, we have ploughed EVERYTHING into it, blood sweat and tears and have taking a massive hit like most business with COVID-19 but we dusted ourselves off when we was told to shut and rolled our sleeves up some more and said 'right' lets do takeaway/delivery meals for the community which we did, lets do little competitions for the youngsters and use that as part of home schooling, we've given away free meals, drinks, food and always kept the people of St ives informed of what we are doing to ensure that when we reopen that you all will be safe here which cost us nearly £10,000.

We had the local police doing spot check WHEN we had a Ska band playing in the beer garden and 280 people social distancing and they said its one of the best set -up's they have been too, they did say that they were reporting back to the Environmental Health Officer with the thumbs up. 

Please support us by signing this petition so we can all  get back to some normality.

People of St ives and surrounding areas love live music, St ives is famous for having live music, we have loads of local bands that perform here and support us as we do them by getting them in to play for you all AND WE WANT IT BACK...!

Due to this decision the following is happen:

1) Loss of income for the pub

2) Loss of income for the Musicians and Artists 

3) Loss of staff as we're not that busy anymore 

4) Loss of family and friend time listening to live music at a Community Hub

5) Loss of a happy, friendly atmosphere for 100's of music lovers

Again, lets get this overturned fast from Huntingdon District Council before we lose our summertime

Just remember..….

A few hours a week of LIVE MUSIC doesn't hurt anyone, its actually good for the soul X


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Signatures: 835Next Goal: 1,000
Support now