Help Bolwarra wildlife reserve stay PUBLIC

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Bolwarra residents (you and I) and abroad are outraged about the privatisation of our beloved Bolwarra wetlands reserve. Whether for recreation, exercise or as a shortcut to the sporting complex, many of us used the reserve frequently for our own benefit and wellbeing. Devoid of repentance in their unscrupulous ways, these development companies have been ruining the environment and our beloved nature trail to feed their own financial greed. Already, alongside the erection of an ugly tall black fence, displaying repeatedly 'PRIVATE PROPERTY' along the southern side of the reserve, the old boulder which held the 'Bolwarra Wetlands Reserve' plaque has arcimoniously been de-plaqued and simply pushed into the nearest section of the lake. These actions must not unquestioned, go.

This was one of the few recreational areas in Bolwarra, and an artery for Hunterglenn residents to access the Bolwarra sporting complex. Anecdotally, I have fond memories of walking and cycling home from primary school in years past, alongside frequent uses to this day as I'm sure you, the reader, have too.

Given their probable >$5,000,000 profits, the least the development companies should (will) do is to put an illuminated walking track around the perimeter of the lake.

Lets get Bolwarra and Maitland abroad together to teach that capitalism and greed do NOT come above respect and environmental protection, but ultimately to come to some agreement in which we, the people of Bolwarra can still have access to the lands we call home.