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Maisto: Immediately discontinue the Fresh Metal Tailwinds Predator Drone toy

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We should not be glorifying murder, and we certainly shouldn't be teaching our children to. The secretive CIA drone program has killed thousands of innocent people in Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. It is also setting a dangerous precedent that stands in direct opposition to our beliefs as Americans.

It is stated in the Declaration of Independence that "all men are created equal" and the Sixth Amendment to the US Constitution holds that everyone has the right to a fair trial by was my understanding that these values did not stop at our borders. The Drone Program, along with using controversial tactics such as the "double-tap" used to kill first responders to drone attacks, which is a war crime in itself, provides fuel to growing international dissent at American military imperialism. This program also perpetuates racial and religious bigotry and hatred in our culture.

Please stand with me against this shameful toy and call for the immediate discontinuation of the Predator Drone action figure made by Maisto. These vehicles are not "precision tools", they are killing children every day.

By signing this petition you declare that all our children are created equal and have the right to a life free of fear and racism. By signing this petition you tell Maisto that we will not teach our children to hate.

For more information on drones, please visit:

Living Under Drones: a Stanford/NYU study

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Drones Watch: a coalition campaign to monitor and regulate drone use

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