Impeach Governor Janet Mills

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We need to stop Governor Mills from holding the lives of Mainers in jeopardy for federal funding. The longer she keeps us from working, the longer we are shut down, the more money she can get for bailouts. IT IS NOT OKAY TO DO THIS TO US. She has already caused enough damage, it’s time to speak out; let her know we hold her accountable for her poor use of the “Rainy Day Fund” and that our livelihoods are not a bargaining chip.

Maine hasn’t been hit as hard with the virus as most other places because we have an advantage: being rural. It’s also a disadvantage right this moment because the majority of our economy is funded through tourism and small businesses. 

What does this mean for us in the future?  It means Governor Mills would rather see our people on Welfare funded by federal money than to allow us to decide whether or not we feel safe leaving our homes. 

Something to think about: this virus isn’t going to just go away overnight. In fact, it’ll never go away. That’s what viruses and germs ARE. Has the flu ever gone away?  The common cold?  The sooner we leave our homes, the sooner we can begin to build our own immunity. Don’t let the media fool you: if they’re pushing a vaccine, antibodies CAN be built up naturally.  The longer we stay home, the less our immune systems will be able to fight and build our own natural immunity. 

The curve is flat. The lockdowns were never intended to STOP the virus. I think we have enough data to integrate back into society. Our medical facilities have adapted. We, as a people, have adapted. 

Can we get back to what’s important now?