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COUNT ALL caucus results including Washington County !

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While the week long caucus style may seem odd and foreign to those of us not from Maine, it is their process. The guidelines set forth include a "request" from the GOP to complete each precinct caucus within the given time frame, but it is not mandatory.
Washington County (Known as a Ron Paul Stronghold) had to postpone their caucuses due to snow storms in the region.
My question is this; IF Ron Paul were up buy 2 1/2 % at this time and a major Romney stronghold were delayed, would the state GOP and teh Mainstream media arbitrarily disenfranchise all of Washington County and glorify tonight as a huge win for Ron Paul?
We ALL know the answer, so let's not let them cheat the county of Washington in the great state of Maine!
Consider the travesty that was Iowa. Romney gets a bogus win, rides the wave to New Hampshire, beating Ron Paul. Weeks later Iowa acknowledges Santorum is the REAL winner and HE goes on a winning streak.
What happens in New Hampshire if Romney heads there off a stunning defeat?
What possible jolt to the Ron Paul campaign might a late acknowledgement of popular vote victory in Maine be?
We DEMAND GOP leadership not arbitrarily cheat voters from teh process solely because they fear the result.
We further demand the media respect their OWN code of ethics and report the facts they find, not those they hope to create. ( ).

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