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Petitioning Office of the Maine Attorney General 6 State House Station Augusta, ME 04333 Janet Mills

Maine Attorney General, Janet Mills: Charge Justin DiPietro and conspirators with Murder

Ayla Reynold's case and investigation, is the largest investigative effort and missing childs search in Maine. The second largest in the country. Its reported to have lead to MORE than a cupful of Ayla's blood being tested and recovered from the crime scene. MORE than a small cut would produce from an 20 month old toddler, was found in the bedroom of Ayla's father, Justin DiPietro, while his girlfriend, Courtney Roberts, admittedly was present in this very bedroom.. Saliva has been reported to be mixed with blood in some area's at the crime scene, on Justin's boots and inside the cab of his truck. Blood evidence alone is enough to prove Ayla lost her life in that home in the care of her father and family...charge Justin, Courtney Roberts and Elisha DiPietro with murder and hindering the investigation to protect Justin on that fateful night, December 16, 2011, that lead to the violent murder & cover up! These links that follow are just what has been leaked and reported to the public... What more is being silenced? Help advocate for Ayla Reynolds! Stand strong behind Trista and request Janet Mills puts the STRONG forensic evidence and VERY culpable circumstancial evidence to trial! SIGN AND SHARE!! We have until 12AM SEPT. 24th to show Janet Mills the COMMUNITY and PUBLIC want ANSWERS

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