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A special tax, Measure B (see photo for Measure Analysis) was recently shot down by the California City community and budget cuts are occurring. As a result the City plans to eliminate the animal control/shelter.

Abolishing the shelter is absolutely not a good idea for this community. The City’s Animal Control officers are already spread thin doing the job they're trained for. If we remove them and the shelter, we will either be (1) paying out high fees to send strays to county where some animals won’t have the adoption or rescue opportunities they do in Cal City (we also don't believe adding to the already over- taxed Mojave shelter is a fair or reasonable answer) OR going back to killing healthy, adoptable animals.
In addition, serious issues regarding the animals will arise as the dumped/stray population will grow quickly. The 1-2 officers, whom are not trained to handle animals and the situations that arise with them, and code enforcement, who are expected to be on duty doing the work of many, will now have this added burden as well. The risk of incidents from aggressive animals to accidents caused by strays will surely increase while emergency services are decreased.

We are seeking public support both in the Cal City community and beyond, in the hopes of convincing the City to explore other options to maintain an animal shelter for the benefit of our community.

We are working to gather the necessary information so we can offer reasonable solutions. Some possibilities include private funding, contracting with a person or organization who can keep the shelter where it is or build a new facility, writing and obtainining grants via a 501(c)(3) to fund the salaries of our ACO’s.

If we cannot come up with a plan, the shelter doors close June 1st. A handful of staff and volunteers work diligently to maintain “no kill” standards at our rural shelter. Without the shelter, dogs and cats who would otherwise be adopted or rescued will die.

Please stand with us and sign this petition in support of keeping an Animal Control department and shelter in California City.