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 This Petition is written to kindly end the current Saesha- kk track which has taken away the essence of our show Naamkarann. The track is totally misleading to the target audience i.e. the teens and young adults, by showing a love blossoming between a fan and superstar .It’s encouraging the teens to think it’s okay to fall in love at a tender age of 18 and cross their limits where on the other hand one is supposed to go to college and pursue their goals. Education is so highly important and government is trying to promote education to all and here the makers of the show are trying to promote a love story of a superstar and teen. Since the targeted audience is young kids the impact is not going to be taken in a positive way. With this track it looks like the channel and the makers want to say that this is the normal behaviour which is now being adapted by 18 year old’s in our present day .Let me clear one point nowadays kids are very smart .Sex education is given in every educational institute. And in the world of internet everyone knows things happening in the society and with that teens can distinguish what is right and what is wrong. They very well can distinguish the difference between infatuation and what love is . The current track is totally misleading and it won’t have any fruitful positive impact on the audience.

The show is all about illegitimacy and they tried to tell the society that the kids born out of wedlock are also normal like rest. If the channel wants to show Nayi Soch then they can clearly show how our present day society doesn’t consider illegitimate Kids as a curse. There are many people who are now doing adoption .Giving those kids a happy life and making them capable of living a normal life. The character NeelaMaa in the show has already changed the definition of step- mother. Nowadays we see so much of domestic violence. Men beating their wives but here our male lead is totally different who talks about respecting women community and also works for their welfare. By giving Avni a good life after whatever struggle she faced in her childhood. She can actually make those kids feel that they will also have happiness in their lives. It’s not always that those kids will have to struggle in life. Rather she can be an example of how one can get a good life after marriage. Like it is said “DAUGHTER-IN-LAW – AN AMAZING DAUGHTER THAT GOD DELAYED A BIT TO GIVE YOU”. We believe the show should focus on how an illegitimate child can live a normal life. Neil and Avni have not yet started their journey well .They have much things in life to be explored. They haven’t yet solved their issues so it’s useless to show them helping others until they have resolved their issues.

Let’s give the audience to love what they want i.e. Avni and Neil. The focus should always be them and they can start a new fresh life .After the leap of 15 years the character of our lead Neil and Avni has been the USP of the show. No proper synchronization between the scenes has always been an issue. The show runs for 22 mins approximate and out of which hardly 4-5 mins are given to lead pair. The current track is very much similar to what was in pre-leap and frankly we audience don’t want the same food served in  a different platter. AvNeil love story has never taken a proper shape and we don’t want them to become grandparents when they themselves are yet to have children of their own . Avni returned after 15 yrs for taking revenge from her paternal grandmother and  to get her brother back . But after 10 years leap he is not at all shown. Ali  is nowhere in the show. We are losing interest in watching the show and its becoming intolerable to see our leads going through this much suffering. Being  ardent viewers of this show we request to kindly stop this mess. We want our old Naamkarann show back with interesting and praise worthy track. We know our channel and production house is capable enough for giving us this. We are not looking for romantic saga n fairy tale since we live in  a real world and would love to see our pair dealing with realistic situations and cut down unnecessary drama. This is our sincere request and hope to get it sorted soon. We are very much in love with the show and hence cannot see its downfall and neither want the show to end.

Thank you