Save the rapidly shrinking tiger habitats

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As per a recent report, Maharastra government has agreed to divert close to 88 hectares of Tiger land (in Chakdoh in Kondhali and Kalmeshwar ranges) to an explosives company (SIIL) for manufacturing defence products.

At a time, where man-tiger conflicts have increased dramatically due to increased human interference and habitat loss, this decision comes across as a case of poor judgement. As per various surveys by expert committees, this forest land, equivalent to about 293 football fields is home to a wide variety of fauna including tigers, leopards, spotted deer, barking deer, boars, sambars, nilgai, civets etc. The proposed industrial development may impact the high diversity of the flora and fauna in this region. 

The recent debate about Avni the Tigress who was shot dead owing to reports of increased attacks on humans and livestock has once again brought to the forefront the necessity to keep wildlife areas free from human interference and create a holistic environment for sustainable and peaceful co-existence.

Unfortunately, the above decision speaks otherwise. The proposed industrial development may lead to habitat destruction, forcing wildlife to venture into human settlements for food and shelter.

Earlier this year also, 467 hectares of forest land having tigers was diverted to Reliance in Yavatmal district.

Although, the need for industrialisation can't be ignored, the government is answerable to the raging question:

Why can't the proposed industrial development be moved to some other non-controversial area? Are there some vested interests driving this decision? Inspite of oppositions by various expert committees, why did Maharashtra government agree to divert the forest land for the proposed industry?


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Please sign this petition to reach out to the leaders and decision-makers. We need to stop pushing away wildlife from their homes. The government must ensure to create/preserve no-conflict zones with minimal animal-human interaction. This is the pre-requisite to create safe as well as an ethical environment for peaceful co-existence.