SSC students are taken for a ride

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Concerned authorities,

I,Shravani Nadkarni ,a SSC student is writing this petition to draw your attention towards the gross injustice happening to lakhs of SSC students including me. Year after year,ICSE and CBSE boards have significantly higher percentage of marks compared to state board students. This in a way suggests that the grading system of these boards is much different than state board. Therefore,every year these students get undue advantage over state board students. Numberwise these students are much less than the state board but since many of them get high marks(98% & 99%). Whereas we ,have seen that such marks are very rare in state board exams. This makes me feel both these boards operate differently. So comparing ICSE/CBSE student vs State student is unfair.In last so many years no one is making a real attempt to bring up some formula so that all the three board students compete on similar grounds. Most of the aided junior colleges are funded by the state government and contrary state board students itself suffer to get admission in top colleges. Further, we as state students have to suffer because state education department adhocly changed syllabus/pattern/internal marks system. This makes me feel wonder whether state government is really thinking of the state board students. I sincerely request you to look into this matter as it is going to impact all subsequent generation of state board students or they(state board students) will have no option but to switch to ICSE/CBSE board which is not good for common people as these are expensive education boards. Every year there is some or the other legal issue going on and delaying admission process and bringing in uncertainity which must be stopped for once and for all. Request you to bring all three board officials together and come up with some solution for the benefit of all three board students.