Open Gyms - Support Fitness Industry

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It is almost seven months since gymnasiums are closed! 

However, now that the unlock process has begun and everything else, including liquor shops, restaurants, bars, red light zones, salons abd barber shops, private buses etc. has reopened, why should gyms remain closed? 

GYMS are safest as only members are allowed, each member has to sign in so it’s easy to trace people who visited u like it her public places. 

Gyms are making people healthy, Gyms saves lives, protects health and prevents premature deaths. 

Hence, gyms also must start, and we must resume our fitness routines! 

In this view, and to make a stronger appeal to Maharashtra's Government to open gymnasiums, we are running a petition campaign. We intend to highlight the following benefits to the fitness industry, its members, and society through this petition.

� Improved health and fitness levels

� Improved immunity and therefore enhanced protection from COVID-19

� Employment for the industry and its members

� Save the fitness industry from sinking and continue to contribute to people's fitness


Every vote counts! So, please spare a few moments and help us strengthen this petition through your precious vote! Let us come together to make our society healthy and revive our beautiful fitness industry.