5 November 2019
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Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission and
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All of you might be aware of the climatic changes that are taking place now-a-days.Renewable energy is only the key to stop mother earth from getting polluted.Net-metering arrangement for renewable energy policy plays a major role in promoting the installation of solar energy systems & thereby reducing carbon footprint to great extent.This also supports energy independence to our nation.

In 2014, the Government of India (GOI) set an ambitious target to achieve 40,000 Mega Watt of cumulative installed capacity of Grid Connected Rooftop Solar PV (GRPV) systems by 2022 out of  which Maharashtra has been given a target of 4000 Mega Watt.As per the facts,the total installed capacity in Maharashtra is only 226 Mega Watts in past 3 years which is only 5.65% of the target.

Under Commercial Circular No 258 dated-25/01/2016(The MERC (Net Metering for Roof-top Solar Photo Voltaic Systems) Regulations, 2015)The solar consumers were given the benefit of having net billing arrangement,which means the consumer will only be billed on import(electricity taken from grid)- export(electricity sent back to the grid).

Now MERC has proposed Draconian draft [ MERC (Grid Interactive Rooftop
Renewable Energy Generating Systems) Regulations, 2019 Dated 26/10/19] to end net-metering benefits & thereby discourage solar renewable energy use.Net-metering will only be limited to residential consumers producing electricity upto 300 units.

This policy change will be a death nail for solar companies which comprises 5000 small & medium sized players and will have a direct impact on 1,20,000 jobs in Maharashtra.Indirect jobs affected will be more than 3,50,000 only in Maharashtra.Effectively it will impact 10,00,000 individuals who are dependent on this industry.

Each Unit produced from solar saves 800 grams of Carbon emission.If the use of solar energy get hampered because of such unjust policies it will take no time for all states in India to face pollution emergencies like Delhi

Every responsible citizen should support this petition against the climate change.To oppose this ,please sign the petition & send email To: mentioning" We oppose the draft regulation [ MERC (Grid Interactive Rooftop Renewable Energy Generating Systems) Regulations, 2019 Dated 26/10/19"

Your single mail will be precious enough for saving Mother Earth against Climate Change Crisis & for promoting Solar Renewable energy use.


Thanking you in advance.


Initiative by MASMA


This petition made change with 11,334 supporters!

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