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Rescue Vikas Sachdeva

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A Man fly’s from Mumbai to Delhi to attend his Mama’s funeral.

After attending funeral, he takes a flight back to Mumbai.

Feeling tired he requests the crew to not to disturb him during the flight.

He takes a blanket and sleeps during whole flight.

He could be a bad mannered person and keeps his legs on the front arm rest.

Flight lands and he lands branded as a CHILD MOLESTOR

He gets booked under POSCO

And gets ARRESTED  


We are talking about Vikas Sachdeva. A poor Indian citizen.


Let’s talk about how will be the life of Vikas Sachdeva after this incident irrespective of whether he is found guilty or not :

1)    In every form which he fills wherever needed he need to say that “He got arrested once” and will need to explain why and why it was not his fault.

2)    Whenever he files for any visa he will need to declare that he got arrested for “CHILD ABUSE” and will need to explain why he should still be granted the visa.

3)    He might not even get entry to many countries.

4)    In many countries he might need to report to police stations that he is a suspected child molester.

5)    Luckily he is a businessman and doesn’t rely on government job as now he can never get a government job and may be some private jobs.

6)    He might have difficulty in admission for his kids in many schools.

7)    Must have already spent lakhs of rupees in legal expenses (If he is not well to do, he might have already succumbed due to financial pressure )


 If he actually molested her, that would mean :

   He kept molesting a minor girl in open public view , in front of everyone in such a way that no one even noticed it not even the girl who is getting molested for whole duration of flight.


All the evidences, videos are available in public view. , all testimonies are available publically. Video clearly shows that his foot was not even moving during the whole duration of video and not even touching the girl. Even if he gets convicted everyone knows here he is the victim.


First question is why was he even arrested ?

Where is Zaira Wasim’s conscious ?

And now the main question WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT ?

Is he going to be the victim of someone’s ego and an innocent man is going to be harassed for years in a false case ?

Who’s mistake will it be ?

1)      Vikas Sachdeva

2)      System

3)      Public



1)      Zaira Wasim should come forward to apologize and take her complaint back.

2)      Police should immediately dispose of the case.

3)       Maharashtra government should interfere to rescue the victim Vikas Sachdeva


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