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Terminate Teacher Teressa McKinnie (Accused of Animal Cruelty)

In June of 2011, Magnolia New Jersey School Teacher Teressa McKinnie had 4 complaints signed against her, (2) for dogs running at large and (2) for unlicensed dogs . She pled guilty to 2 of the charges and the other 2 charges were dismissed. In August of 2011, Teressa McKinnie received 15 ADDITIONAL charges! 1 charge of animal cruelty. 4 charges for failure to provide sustenance (2 dogs and 2 puppies). 2 charges for failure to provide shelter (2 dogs). 2 charges for failure to provide water (2 dogs). 3 charges for failure to license (3 dogs). 3 charges for failure to license (3 cats). Teressa McKinnie was scheduled to have the 15 charges heard in court in September 2011, but what did she do? SHE NEVER SHOWED UP! She continued to live her life and TEACH CHILDREN in a PUBLIC SCHOOL, all while SHE KNEW she had an ACTIVE WARRANT for her arrest! Teressa McKinnie was FINALLY arrested on August 28, 2012 after a citizen turned her in to the police department where she currently resides. We have not yet obtained court information for her new hearing, but she is currently STILL TEACHING in the school district! We are hoping to petition the Board Of Education, voicing our opinions about the need for her to be TERMINATED and to let them know behavior like this, especially from a woman that interacts with CHILDREN on a DAILY BASIS should NOT be tolerated! A copy of the charges lodged against Teressa McKinnie can be found here:

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