Maggi should come with 2 Masala Packets

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Okay, so this section is made mandatory by just like we have no other choice other than accepting Maggi with only 1 packet.

So here's we go:

Maggi, the savior of bachelors, king for the all the about to marry girls who don't know how to cook yet but want to make sure they can add cooking in their Biodata, so the future Sasuma doesn't judge much. 

Bachpan ki mujhe sirf 2 hi baatein yaad hain: 

  1. Maggi 2 min mein banti hain
  2. Sab kuch Nehruji ka Fault hain

And we all know which one is the truth.

I can adjust with the timing, waise bhi kya hi kaam hain life mein, but taste? No sorry that I can't compromise.

Yehi baat ko madde nazar rakhte hue, yeh petition chaalu ki hain.