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No Exemption for TN from NEET. Don't keep the TN students' in dark.

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Background of the problem: Since the day MCI has announced that NEET-UG is mandatory for all the states of India seeking medical admission in MCI approved colleges, TN has been protesting against it stating that rural and socio-economically weak students will be suffering. So here I'm..A TN state board student from a sub-urban region(I know sub-urban never means rural but atleast I'm not from the elite urban regions with plethora of coaching hubs) and I want my state to complete the medical admission process based solely on NEET marks.  In retrospect,I find it to be too long but the plights of student like me suffering and addressing the unreasonable arguments has to be done with proper details and please, bear with the lengthy content.

Present scenario: To fill the available 2318 govt.medical seats out of total 2750(as of 2016-as stated here: , The TN govt. admitted students based on 12th board marks.Whereas the remaining 412 seats are filled based on NEET-UG under AIQ where students from all the states can avail seats provided that they secure the required marks(varies) in their qualifying exam and NEET. But after MCI's "One country, One Exam" policy (Note: never it said "One paper"), they conducted NEET-UG through out the country without any exemption for medical admissions.Now TN wants to exempt from NEET stating following reasons:


1)Rebels: Our students followed state syl which is very different from the central.So by allowing NEET in TN, the rural and socio-economically weak students suffer a lot as they won't have access to the coaching institutes like the elite urban students and inturn their dream of getting a medical seat will be shattered.
Voice of students like me(VOSLM): Health minister H'nble J.P.Nadda said that the state have the complete authority to conduct the state counselling by providing special reservation to the rural students. That said, TN can provide special reservations to rural students and for this protesting against NEET is unfair.


2)Rebels: TN students have been following state syl for a long time.So suddenly implementing NEET would be a big barrier to those students who have already faired well in the 12th board exams-2017 and had secured high cut offs.
VOSLM: First of all, this is not a sudden change.The president ordinance against NEET was valid for one academic year(2016-17) and thus it's validity period expires as of now.Also the Central govt has already notified the states in protest that ,In 2017 medical admissions will be solely based on NEET-UG. Here it's the negligence of our state to keep it's students in dark without supplying them with the needed materials and pratice. Anyway to talk about the other problem- As taken from here: , there were 723 students who got medical seat in 2016 by scoring above 198/200 in the first counselling-21/06/17.The counselling happened for 7 days(21 to 27 of june) and I assume there will be atleast 1000-1500 students who have scored above 198(roughly). As a state board student I can say that there is a little disparity between the state and the central syl but not as a whole. let me tell you this by comparing 12th state and central syl:(NOTE: Data provided here are from a perspective of a TN state board student who has also studied NCERT syl for NEET)


PHY:  4 lessons found in NCERT were not included in 12th state syl (but were found in 11th state syl).There were 23 questions from 12th NCERT in NEET-17. Barring those 4 lessons and also considering the fact that back in state board we were just trained to mug up the syl as opposed to the actual understanding of the concepts and solving the problems,they could've solved atleast 10 questions(the worst case-those 1000 students who have the calibre to score 198/200 in state board should/would have solved atleast 10 ques easily).


CHE: 5-6 lessons from NCERT are not found in the board.There were 26 ques from 12th in NEET. again considering the top scoring students(who scored above 197), would have solved 11-12 questions easily.

BIO: this part seems to be the easiest to the TN state board students(as from the horse's mouth). 6-7 lessons of 12th NCERT not found in TN state syl. But here in TN state syl some lessons from 11th NCERT are included(TN state students study Human physiology,cell biology,taxanomy of plant classification and plant anatomy etc., in 12th where CBSE students have them in their 11th.One who has prepared for NEET-UG knows that these are the key stone topics for the exam). So here the sincerely studied board students would have solved 25-26 ques (may be more than that.I'm just including"can't be lower than this" cases for fair results).
let me make a rough analysis of their final marks(I know I'm no statistics expert but a victim of long lasting drama wondering wth it had gone wrong)

So summing up 46-50 question can be got right i.e.184-200 marks. let's say those students also attempted some more questions making wild guesses-so the total probability of getting correct and wrong questions will be a non-zero positive value where the positive marks exceeds the negative(sorry for this math-I want to let the rebels understand my point).Finally the students might get 50 marks negative(getting 10 questions wrong) gives'em: 150 marks to the worst. If you look at the qualifying marks for

NEET-2013: UR-98/720. OBC,SC,ST: 81/720.

2014,2015 had AIPMT so barring them.
NEET-2016: UR-145/720. OBC,SC,ST: 118/720.

Now, I have been rambling all these only to state that ' A sincerely studying and medical seat deserving student get the med seat no matter how the system,syllabus and the qualifying exam changes'. Crossing the qualifying marks in NEET means one can be eligible for the state counselling(depending on the concerning state's cut off) unmindful of the CBSE's AIQ cut off.Since it has been the first time NEET has been conducted in TN, the state has the authority to lower the cut off as much low as the qualifying marks i.e 145 or 150 as per the to-be-released-qualifying-marks by CBSE(never had been in NEET history, the state cut offs were lowered this much but no one can question this as the state counselling is autonomous of the central counselling system). It's unfair to pull all these shoutings, "No NEET for TN".

Please be pragmatic and observe this subtle situation as fair as possible leaving no student's life miserable. There are students like me who have been the state board students in the past and after unable to fetch the required cut offs dropped a year to get a govt. med seat thru NEET. All these ongoing protests is increasing the anxiety and creating a havoc in their(my) mind.No other state students can interfere TN's 85% seats. Considering all these, I hope the higher officials of the state, Madras HC, MCI would not exempt TN from NEET and thus allow the state's medical admissions to be based solely on NEET.


Also the arguments saying difference in the regional papers and the main English paper is not valid as the CBSE never claimed that the NEET would have uniform paper.Even in JEE-Mains and CBSE board exams there are/were no uniform one single papers.In JEE-Mains online/offline paper differs vastly and CBSE board students get different coded papers with some modified unique questions in each set/code.They never raised a bar against this but why do you people do this for NEET every time?


And to those rebels against NEET out there, I end my long rambling by saying this: 'Students' career is not a joke.Many students have already taken too much pain more than they could while preparing for these exams.Don't make their life more miserable by putting forth all these frivolous arguments.Live and let the medical aspirants live.Don't keep the TN state board students in dark by telling all these silly assumptions.They can outperform all the other state students(not just TN students but anyone who had trained and pratised so hard) if the adequate training and knowledge in the right direction is provided."  




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