Do not let the boys involved in the racist bullying against Macie walk at graduation.

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“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” -Desmond Tutu. Actions have consequences. Too often, actions of injustice do not have consequences to suffice the harm that they have caused. The boys that have been know to make racial remarks toward student(s) in the halls of Madison Southern should not be allowed to walk at graduation. Behavior that is unjust should not be celebrated. The aftermath of racial discrimination and bullying has affects on the victim long after the incident occurred. Long after the oppressor/bully has forgotten the hurt they have caused; the one affected always remembers. The school says that racist and unjust behaviors will not, do not and have not had a place there. This is not true. The school does not do all in its power to ensure situations like these do not happen. If that were so, then the boys involved in harassing Macie would have been stopped before the situation could get this far. If that were so; the school would put a stop to the annual “Rebel Run” their students have before Homecoming, parading rebel flags all through town and on school property in their parking lot. If Madison southern really wants to claim that they will not tolerate behavior like what has occurred recently, they will do more to ensure that minority students feel safe, protected, included and heard. Make the school system do more to protect minority students and make them feel valued in this school. Make them feel like their voices are heard and that situations of racial and/or cultural injustice will no longer have a place in Madison Southern. Justice for Macie. Don’t let them walk.