Madison Cawthorn Must Resign

Madison Cawthorn Must Resign

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Madison Cawthorn

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Started by District 11 WNC

Madison Cawthorn has repeatedly called for action by his supporters in WNC and all over the country to "fight back" and to join him in Washington DC on January 6th to "stop the steal".  Because of his continuous calls for action, as well as spreading debunked claims about voter fraud, terrorists stormed the Capitol on January 6th in a failed coup.  Federal property was stolen, destroyed, vandalized and sadly, 5 people lost their lives, including one Capitol Police Officer.  

Just days before the attack he gave a speech to an audience during a Turning Points encouraging them to threaten their local politicians and tell them they are coming for them.  You can see more here-

Cawthorn has also openly admitted to carrying a loaded weapon during the attack. You can see more here-

We have to hold him accountable, this is not what we stand for as citizens of the United States and District 11 of North Carolina deserves much better representation. 

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86,436 have signed. Let’s get to 150,000!