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Stop Ovation Properties from Inhumanely Killing Any More Birds

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Friends and Neighbors,

Have you ever watched an animal die in front of your eyes, while it pleaded for help and fought for its life? I did - just yesterday - and I'm asking for your signature to stop this from happening again.

I was at the pool here at Madera and heard a pigeon crying out for help as it fought to escape a trap on the roof of the clubhouse. When I called it to management's attention, I was met with indifference -- and a manager even told me "well, some people want that".

Not long after this, the bird died - next to the corpses of two other unfortunate birds who baked to death in the same cage. (It's the cage in the picture above.)

Nobody wants pigeon poop everywhere - but the Nevada Department of Agriculture clearly states that trapping is an ineffective and expensive method. Avian birth control, people! It's real!

Ovation's pigeon traps are placed on the rooftops of our buildings, inviting birds to come inside and be baked alive in the hot Vegas sun, until they finally die of thirst and exposure.

This is barbaric and obscene.

Not only that, but:

  • It's a health risk, as dead pigeons rotting in cages around our community are both unsightly and a great host for bacteria.
  • It's expensive! According to the pest control company, trapping is one of the most expensive ways to address the pigeon population.  So trapping causes your rent to go up, compared with other methods that are more humane and less expensive.
  • Dead pigeons rotting by the pool are pretty gross. Do you want to smell them, or see them? I don't.

It's 2017. We can do better. Tell Ovation to switch to a more humane method of pigeon control. 

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