Mayor Rogero, please leave the monument in memory of the Fort Sanders alone.

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The monument to the memory of those who died at the Battle of Fort Sanders in Knoxville Tennessee should remain in its place. The monument, placed by the United Daughters of the Confederacy has sat there peacefully for the last 103 years. More than a thousand Confederate Soldiers died in a matter of 15 minutes in the mote of Fort Sanders. Union General Burnside commanded his troops a moment of silence in respect to for the Confederate dead.  This battle was one of the worse and bloodiest battles of the war and it should NEVER be forgotten.

Please use this monument to educate the public and why this should never happen again by leaving it alone. 

 Their service and their lives should not be forgotten. According to US law, these men are considered US veterans and is recognized as such.

Removing it will only hurt, offend and infuriate the families of these soldiers plus more than half of the population of Knoxville. Removing it will NOT bring peace. It will only feed fuel to the fire.

Please leave the monument to alone.


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