Justice for Brandon Majewski: Demand an independent review of the police investigation.

Justice for Brandon Majewski: Demand an independent review of the police investigation.

April 25, 2014
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Madeleine Meilleur, Attorney General for Ontario and 2 others
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Started by Larry Hurd

On October 28, 2012, 17 year old Brandon Majewski and two friends were riding their bikes home along Innisfil Beach Road in Innisfil, Ontario after grabbing a late-night bite to eat. According to news reports they were struck from behind by an SUV driven by a woman named Sharlene Simon, the wife of a police officer. 

Brandon was thrown over the roof of the car and was barely alive when paramedics arrived. He was pronounced dead 2 hours later at the Royal Victoria Health Centre in Barrie.  His family and friends were devastated.  Sharlene Simon wasn't given a breathalyzer.  She wasn't thoroughly questioned.  She and her husband, a police officer were allowed to leave the scene while other witnesses were asked to stay for several hours.  Many of us are asking if the police mishandled the investigation, and why they didn't ask all the questions that should have been asked.

Last week, the wounds were ripped open all over again.  Sharlene Simon, the woman who hit Brandon, is now suing Brandon's estate -- she's suing a dead boy for 1.35 million -- for her pain and suffering.  According to Simon's statement of claim, her "enjoyment of life has been and will be lessened," and she "has sustained and will sustain great pain and suffering."  She even seems to blame Brandon and his friends in her statement of claim, which states that "they were incompetent bicyclists."

Brandon's family is in shock - it’s outrageous that they would have to defend their deceased son against accusations of negligence from the very woman who ran him over.

From the outset, there have been questions about what exactly happened that night and about the police work that followed.  And now she's suing Brandon.  This is a cruel twist to an already tragic story, and it shows how important it is that the whole truth about that night come to light.  That’s why thousands of us are demanding an independent review by an outside force into the police investigation of Brandon's death.  This must be conducted by an outside force like the Ontario Provincial Police that does not have close ties to the Simcoe Police.  We hope this will give the family closure and may put the lawsuit against Brandon to rest.

There are so many unanswered questions that the media and witnesses have brought up:

- Why was a breathalyzer from an 'approved device' not administered at the scene of the crime?

- Why was Sharlene's car computer (which would have recorded speed) not taken in for analysis?

-Why was her husband following her in his car?

- Why was it not disclosed where they were coming from?

- Why was her phone not confiscated?

- Why were the Simons' allowed to leave the scene of the accident while other witnesses had to stay for hours?

According to a Toronto Sun interview Melanie Lachance came upon the scene and spotted Brandon, “He was right in the line of oncoming traffic … I held his hand, but there was nothing I could do,” Lachance said. “He took some gasping breaths. It hits you even harder later on.”

What continues to trouble Lachance is why she and other witnesses were forced to remain at the scene for hours, until 5:30 a.m., as police conducted their investigation, while the driver of the vehicle and her husband were allowed to go home

I didn't know Brandon or his family personally, but I've lived in and operated my business in the Innisfil and Barrie area for years and I'm one of thousands of community members demanding answers. Because of the lawsuit, Brandon's family is unable to speak out, but we can. Please help us find the truth for Brandon and his family by signing this petition and calling for an independent review of the police investigation about what happened that night.

Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 15,226 supporters!

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  • Vince HawkesCommissioner, Ontario Provincial Police