Made in China label (in general country of origin label)

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The current situation with China is beyond doubt unacceptable to say the least. China’s aggression is now reached a level where each one of us is now forced to act in our on way in support of our nation & brave soldiers who are in the fore front of this war-like situation. 

Inspired by Sonam Wangchuk we are now motivated to ban chinese products in our own ways. But as soon as this realisation had dawned upon me, I had struggled to get the information on many online portals with regards to the country of origin of the products that they are selling. Say for example on Amazon, most chinese products that have been imported by Indian resellers or distributors are being sold under Indian names giving me an impressions it is an Indian product that I am buying. No mention about the country of origin in most products. This doesn’t help me decide. I NEED THE COUNTRY OF ORIGIN LABEL. Where is it originally made or where is the product imported from. That is my basic right as a consumer now. 

Pl help me achieve this by signing this change petition so each one of us can then consciously decide whether we still like to go ahead and buy a product from China that is in turn going to sponsor a bullet for the Chinese army targetted at my Indian army men. Conscience is calling.

Idea courtesy Bhavyan Dalal