Stop Trump’s “Military Might Ego Stroke Parade”

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I’ll keep this brief.  President Trump is demanding, (that’s right, demanding!) a “Military Might Parade” right down the boulevards of Washington D.C.!

This is completely unacceptable and should absolutely not be tolerated! 

Here are the reasons why:

1. Our country is not known for parades displaying our military strength like those in Russia, North Korea, or quite frankly, 1930’s Germany!  America is not in the business of trying to intimidate the rest of the world with a flashy show of how big our weapons, tanks, and military vehicles are.  I would like to believe we are still better than that (even if Trump is our President) and strive to be a friendly neighbor as opposed to a bully beating our chest.

2. The cost for this needless parade is astronomical.  No one knows how shipping these huge military vehicles to D.C., repairing roads after said vehicles destroys them, and all other logistical costs of such a huge event will be paid for.  You know who will pay? Us! Just as we pay for Trump’s endless golf vacations, we will also foot the bill for this absurd and quite frankly terrifying ego stroking spectacle for the President.

3. We already have Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Independence Day, and many war memorials around the country to honor our troops and their service.  This parade is not about honoring our hard working troops and their families sacrifice.  It’s about Trump and his need for pomp and circumstance centered around him and only him. This parade is 100% self serving as everything he does and says always is.

My father is a Vietnam Veteran and I have immense respect for service men and women.  Again, this “Military Might Parade” has nothing to do with service people!  I hate to see members of the military used as pawns and Trump does it almost DAILY!

We have to put a stop to this unpatriotic FARCE reminiscent of a corrupt dictatorship!

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