Madchild of Swollen Members banned from America!

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Shane Ralph, AKA Madchild from the Canadian Group Swollen Members, In early 2011 it was reported that MadChild was banned from entering the United States, Ralph said that he was detained at an American airport for approximately 8 hours before being told he could not enter the country. I feel that he deserves another shot, everyone deserves a second chance.

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As we all know this is for Shane Ralph aka Madchild

and this is why i feel he deserves another chance..
"Shane volunteers to speak to young children at schools in his country and is has been a productive member of society, I know for a fact, he is the Role Model to multiple people around the world. He's grown since the past and deserves a second chance, so many people care for him out here as well as his home (CA) and would love to see him back into the United States, most would go great lengths.

Shane also has brought together and unified thousands of people, who now have the opportunity to meet new friends and get to be known whether it be music, art, extreme sports, that takes a bold person to manage that huge of a movement and i admire him and his girlfriend, Katie for all they have done for everyone.

they both are very caring for the people around them fans, friends, family and promote nothing but positivity, if i had the opportunity I would want to shake Shane & Katie's hands' and thank them for being such a great impact and a positive influence on all of us.

Ryan Axl Shields, Battleaxe Warrior #1233

Shane stated that "He loves The States and loves his music and wants to please his fans with tours in the United States"

Please take the time to sign this, it means more then you know and could change a life.


here are one of Shane's fans as well as a member of the movement:


" I have been listening to and following Shane for a number of years. Watching his constant perseverance to push forward and not give up, not quit, has done more for me then my biological family. Mad aka Shane has showed me how important it is to not give upon life even when at my lowest points.

He's shown me a true family, my Battleaxe brothers and sisters. they have supported me and get me on the right path.

Madchild and his rap group Swollen Members have taught me and countless other youth and adults to stay up, focus on the positive and not let the hate anger and greed that pollutes the world we live in today consume me or drag me down. Shane Ralph has been nothing but a positive influence in my I've met my future wife through the movement he started and watched countless friends put there dark ill mannered past behind them. I owe my life, thanks and constant diligence to push forward to Madchild aka Shane Ralph."

Mike Wood aka Mike Dee
BAXWAR #1322

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