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To stop deforestation in all places around the world: Madagascar

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Dear society,

     We as students and people of earth, strongly believe that deforestation is happening more and more clearly, therefore we have decided that we need to take action. Starting in Madagascar. Madagascar is a major exporter of valuable and rare trees; trees that are in danger of endangerment. These trees shouldn't have to be chopped down in the first place! And it does not look like they are growing those trees back! This land that is being destroyed is being used to grow coffee and vanilla beans, land that belongs to the fauna and flora of Madagascar! Australia, our home, is a country covered in lush greenery, have you thought about that Australia could be the next country to be affected by this controversial matter. As well as this, countless fauna and flora are becoming rarer; due to the destruction of their habitats, the chance of them becoming extinct due to deforestation is on the rise, so please, support the stop of deforestation!

Let’s just say that you’re at home on a Saturday relaxing in bed, you have no homework, all of your chores are done and you are just having a great time doing absolutely nothing. You are simply happy. Then abruptly, out of nowhere a giant wrecking ball swoops in and destroys your house, the ceiling caves in, the walls collapse and everything you love and hate is gone. You have no home, no family, everything was taken away from you by someone much, much more powerful than you, just to further its own need for toilet paper, do you think your life is to be used to wipe crap off of those who destroy others homes? That is ultimately what deforestation is doing to the poor innocent and defenceless animals that are impacted by deforestation; lemurs, bugs, trees and so much more animals are having their lives destroyed by deforestation that lots of species have died out. But there is a way to change this, we have created a petition on, we already have quite a few signatures already, with all of your cooperation and support to stop deforestation we can tell the syndicates that capitalize on these atrocities that we will not stand aside whilst the abuse that these animals are going through is happening right beneath our noses.

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