Stop selling bloviating hate spewer Donald Trump's made in China clothing and ties!

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"Again, again!" As a child I would joyfully shout that after going on an exhilarating ride at Disneyland or being tossed in the air and caught by my father. It was my ultimate expression of happiness. As an adult I don't get to feel that kind of pure joy that often. But today, June 29th 2015, I did. Today NBC dropped the porcine racist buffoon Donald Trump. I'd love to sit back and just enjoy that moment but my inner child is screaming "Again, again!"

A couple years ago, Trumpelstiltskin decided to engage me in a Twitter war. (Feel free to google it) While it was great fun repeatedly punching this barely literate simian in his bloated face, it was not really a fair fight. I literally am not friends with anyone who would not be able to dominate this anthropomorphized dog turd in a battle of wits. It would be like if I engaged him in a "let's see who can go bankrupt the most" battle. I'd be dead before we started.

Anyway here's the thing. As much as I love using this faded reality star as a comedy punching bag I genuinely believe he is a terrible person. This is a man who took out a full page ad in New York newspapers urging that five falsely accused African American kids be put to death. When they were exonerated his response was, "Well they were in the park at night, they were guilty of something." So the fact that he is now unapologetically characterizing Latino immigrants as "rapists," is as disgusting and awful as it is thoroughly unsurprising. I one hundred percent support his right to say what ever the hell he wants. As a comedy writer I mostly look forward to it. But we have a right to answer. And answer loudly.

But here's the problem, try as I and so many others might, we will never be able to shame him. You can't shame the shameless. But we CAN take away the thing he cares about SO much he spent the majority of his campaign kick off speech (to a room of 100 paid extras) talking about. Money.

I happen to love Macy's. Shop there all the time. But unless they as a company happen to agree with Trump's assessment of immigrants, and for that matter all the hateful things excreted from his cruel gaping mouth hole, they need to stop selling his clothing line (MADE IN CHINA) right now. It's an endorsement of all he stands for. Do the right thing, Macy's. Walmart just stopped selling items with a Confederate Flag. Surely you can #DumpTrump.

I for one won't shop there until you do.



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