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On April 28th 2015, "Jack" the Husky was illegally seized from his home without due process of law. We would like a temporary injunction placing him back in his home until a court appointed judge can determine his proper placement.

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On December 8th 2014, Richard Heit of Eastpointe, Michigan (aka Malikem Rudd of Facebook) claimed his dog was taken from him by brutal force. He was attacked by 5 men with baseball bats. On January 5th, 2015, Richard Heit claimed he had located the perpetrators. They were dog fighters using his dog, Samson, as a bait dog. Without notifying the proper authorities, Richard accompanied by several unknown accomplices liberated Samson along with 17 fighting dogs. In a 7 minute time frame, they accomplished this feat. Unfortunately, Samson did not survive their rescue mission, and died in Richard's arms. That is Richard Heit's version of events. In the beginning of December 2014 a group of women, animal advocates, heard this story and took it upon themselves to find missing Samson. In searching, many TRUTHS were uncovered. Samson became a part of Richard's life in December of 2012. In those 2 years, samson had run off over 10 times. Several times Richard & his wife failed to search for him, and the shelter that found him had to track him down. He had posted on several occasions that he would kick, beat, or otherwise harm the dog. Richard was often times without the means to feed samson, having to rely on organizations to provide him food. During the time he was missing, Richard & his wife (fiancé) Sharon Strang did next to nothing to help locate their missing dog. A donator paid for flyers, while they got drunk. Volunteers posted flyers, while they got drunk. After January 5th, they stopped ALL efforts to locate Samson, as Richard had confirmed he had "buried him in the yard". On Jan 5th Richard checked himself into the hospital for mental & alcohol issues. The ladies who were helping search for Samson were not convinced that the "rescue mission" was even real,.They contacted Sharon Strang, and she confirmed their suspicions. There was no "mission" or a body buried in the yard. In fact, she confirmed that he had never left the computer and drank himself into a mental breakdown. Sharon also stated that she did not believe the "beaten with bats" story. They had been drinking on Dec 8th. They had run out of alcohol. Richard wanted more. Sharon begged him not to take samson with him. He returned without Samson. She stated that he often would "lose" him when he'd been drinking, and she guessed that was what would happen that night, and it did. He has concocted many outrageous stories throughout the years, in his drunken stupor. The searchers of samson never lost hope. At the end of January Richard heit was incarcerated. He was released near april 1st. During which time Sharon Strang did not contribute in any way to finding Samson. She refused on 2 occasions to go to a shelter to confirm if a Husky there was Samson, reasonably close to her home; even when transportation was made available. In March, a van was stolen in Ann Arbor, which contained 3 Husky show dogs. They were located in Detroit. During that search, one of the samson searchers discovered an Advertisement on Facebook selling a dog that looked remarkably like Samson. When contacted, the seller had already sold him. Richard heard news of this and found the buyer, Justin Woodley. He met with Justin & the dog. Jack (the dog) was friendly with Richard, but not more so than he is with any person he's met. Richard showed Justin pictures, he claimed that Jack was the missing Samson. Justin felt sympathetic to Richard's version of events. He agreed to return "samson" to Richard if Richard compensated him for the cost of the dog. Richard's visit with "samson" was about 15 minutes. Richard had "friended" Justin on Facebook. Justin was able to see past posts of abuse & neglect, posts of death & burials. He knew this home seemed unstable. No animal lover could just hand their dog over into this environment. Richard avoided Justin for many days. During this time, Richard was trying to solicit money from the ones who had been searching for Samson ceaselessly for nearly 5 months. He assumed a reward had been raised & was asking for more than Justin paid. Richard was trying to profit off of his missing dog! Justin decided the BEST course of action for all involved would be for Richard to start a civil suit. To let a judge decide where the best interest of Samson fell. Richard had not even shown any proof of ownership to Justin at this point, and this could be a case of mistaken identity. Justin was under no obligation to allow HIS dog to be examined, or removed without a court order of seizure signed by a judge. This is his property. Richard has the burden of proof to meet. On April 26th, Richard made over 40 comments on Facebook of credible threats of violence, racial hate speech, and sexually violent threats toward children. He threatened Justin Woodley, his friends, his family, the searchers of Samson, their families, supporters of samson, who had been following this story for nearly 5 months. He was reported, and was restricted from posting as a punishment. Everything mentioned above, has been documented & can be provided upon request. On April 27th at 9pm. Sharon Strang arrives at Justin's home with Warren, Michigan police officers. They confiscated Jack, without a court order. They stole Jack from him without any paperwork or explanation. We ask today, that Jack be returned to Justin Woodley until such time as a court appointed judge can hear this case and make a determination. Any and all illegally obtained evidence (if any) should be deemed inadmissible. This is a legal travesty and a violation of Justin Woodley's civil rights to be free of illegal search & seizure of his property.

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