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Petitioning Senior University Rankings Editor, Maclean's Magazine Mary Dwyer

Maclean's Magazine: Add an “Ethical Investment Ranking” in your next annual Universities Report

Canadian Universities are proud to claim they are on the cutting edge of sustainability education and research to solve global problems. However, together Canadian Universities are investing billions of dollars in unsustainable and unethical industries we think students would have a problem with.

Universities are investing in:

•            Fossil fuel companies that contribute greatly to climate change.

•            Mining companies who operate in developing counties, often contributing to violent conflict.

•            Companies who have been accused of poor labour practices, child labour and using sweatshops

•            Tobacco companies

•            Companies with manufacturing process that expose employees to dangerous toxins.

•            Companies that manufacture weapons

•            and many others.  

 If Maclean's includes an ethical investment ranking then students will have the opportunity to choose a university operating in line with their values.

 If you believe that it is hypocritical to boast sustainable education yet continue to be investing in an unsustainable future, please join us in adding your signature to our petition.

 This goal is attainable! Universities care about how they are perceived in the Maclean's report. It is our hope that this ranking will make Universities think twice about where they invest. Due to mounting public pressure, universities have divested from tobacco, and some universities are starting to look into ethical investment. Students have the right to know how their future university is investing its money.

Letter to
Senior University Rankings Editor, Maclean's Magazine Mary Dwyer
Firstly, we want to thank you for your 22 years of service. Your annual University Rankings issue has been an indispensable tool in helping thousands of Canadians choose the appropriate university.  There is so much to consider when choosing a university.

While looking through your ranking, we noticed there is nothing that mentions a university's investments. When making the choice of what university to attend, we want to make sure that our prospective university does not invest in the fossil fuel, the weapons, the tobacco companies and other unsustainable and unethical companies.

Please help us make a better ethical and educated decision. We are requesting you add an “Ethical Investment of University Endowment Funds” as an indicator in your next annual issue of the University Rankings.

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