Petition to Erect Italian/Maltese Monuments in Mackay, Queensland

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We, the Italian/Maltese migrants of Mackay, their descendants, families and citizens of Mackay and district, HEREBY PETITION the Mayor and Councillors of Mackay Regional Council to grant approval and provide space for two (2) monuments to acknowledge and honour the contribution made by the Italian and Maltese migrants to this district.

It is envisaged that an Italian Migrant Wall and/or monument be erected at Bluewater Quay and a further specific monument be located at the corner of Wood and Victoria Street, Mackay otherwise known as "the Maltese Corner".

The erection of these monuments would support the aims of the Public Art Strategy 2018-2023 of the Mackay Regional Council, reflect on the richness of the Region's diverse migrant communities while contributing to the development of cohesive communities and enhancement of cultural identify.

The endorsement of these projects would help to provide a strong focus of local pride and greatly contribute the historical content of the Mackay district.

Looking forward to a positive result to this petition.

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For more information, please contact CM Baretta on 0400713535.

Thank you.