Shut Down Maastricht University for COVID-19

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We choose to write about the coronavirus emergency because we are extremely concerned about the lack of awareness we are experiencing right now. Just a week ago, in our home country Italy, there were less infected people than there are now in the Netherlands, having done many more tests. Today our whole sanitary system is collapsing in front of such a widespread emergency and the number of infected people is increasing exponentially. From tomorrow on, the whole country will be under total lockdown, and all universities where closed more than a week ago. Students are attending online lessons in order to limit the outbreak. However, the danger that we are facing in Italy is, in reality a worldwide issue, and involves the Netherlands too.
Since Maastricht is an extremely international city, and therefore highly at risk, we kindly recommend to the University to take severe measures as soon as possible. The course of action taken until now is simply not enough. It is also our responsibility to protect the elderly that, as we know, represent a big part of Maastricht’s population and are subject to a high death rate from Coronavirus.
Kind Regards