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European Parliament, ban glue traps from Europe!

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Glue traps are these sticky boards made and sold to catch rodents and some of you, like me, maybe thought they had been definitely banned from our so-called civilized countries years ago as the torture tools they are. Well, they have not. Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of many associations around the globe, a growing number of institutions agreed to ban them from their buildings.

In Europe, as in many places in the world, glue traps are still used and countless animals still go on suffering for days once caught in them, slowly dying of starvation, exhaustion or because they disemboweled themselves in their attempt to escape: mice, rodents, and even birds or family's beloved pets, as glue traps don't discriminate. How many reports will there need of families finding their cat glued to one of these boards and in need of an emergency rescue before these barbaric things disappear from our stores' shelves? All the more when  knowing that, often sold as a "safe" alternative to poison, glue traps increase the risks of infections: the stressed animal will be excreting urine and feces at an incredible rate due to fear. That makes the trap an even bigger health risk than the rat itself.

Torturing animals is considered illegal, so how is it that glue traps are not? Is it not enough to know that glue traps manufacturers advise their clients to throw the animal in the garbage with the trap while still alive?

Humane and safe alternatives exist, so let's join to, first, ban them from Europe and, then, from the whole world!

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