Lyns Law - No body = no parole

Lyns Law - No body = no parole

3 September 2022
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Started by Beverley McNally

It has taken 4 decades to get a verdict in the Murder case of Lynette Dawson.

Lyn was a loving mother and wife when her life was cut short in an act of hatred and greed.

A guilty verdict has been handed down against her husband who until now has told lie upon lie about what really happened to Lyn.

Chris Dawson fabricated these lies to cover his crime and discredit Lyn.

He turned her young daughters memories against her - tarring her as a cowardly, unloving mother who just "went away".

Lyn did not leave her family, her friends or her daughters and was in fact murdered by the one person she trusted most.

While justice has finally been served and Lyn’s truth has been heard there is one more puzzle left to this heart wrenching story. 

Where is Lyn? 

Lyn's family have battled for years to clear her name and have her truth told, but the closure they need would come from being able to put her to rest properly, and they are not alone.

There are many other families out there also waiting for their loved ones to come home. 

So, let’s get in line with other States of our wonderful country and make Lyn’s Law National. 

NSW and Australia - Lyn’s Law - No Body No Parole.

Confirmed victory

This petition made change with 30,103 supporters!

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