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Lyndhurst Residents Against Trap and Bolt

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We urge the residents of Lyndhurst to sign this petition in a joint effort to force an immediate stop to the trap and bolt method of exterminating deer. However, we encourage people from all communities who are opposed to trap and bolt to sign. 

Trap and bolt involves trapping a deer in a metal cage.  In a state of panic and terror, the deer screams and thrashes trying to escape, which often leads to broken limbs and other injuries.  Hours, even up to a day later, the vendor arrives to shoot a 4 inch metal bolt into the deer's brain. However, it is difficult to restrain the deer in order to pierce the intended target, resulting in additional firings.  Meanwhile the suffering ensues until the struggling deer's life is finally ended.    

Trap and bolt is an unusually brutal form of culling and is rarely used.

Until the trap and bolt system of executing deer is permanently halted, we hope people continue to expose the city of Lyndhurst regionally and nationally for its sponsorship of cruelty to animals. Tell our mayor and city council to rescind their decision and demonstrate accountability and respect for all the constituents they have been elected to serve.   

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