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Lyme disease patients in Australia need urgent recognition and adequate treatment

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Lyme disease, Rickettsial infections and other vector-borne Co-infections are ignored by the Australian government due to insufficient research and scientific proof of its existence and influence in the lives of the people of Australia. Many have already tested positive with overseas tests (American and German) at their own cost, but the government keeps denying the legality of these tests without offering a better or equivalent solution.


The people are in desperate need of treatment, accurate testing, better clinical studies and more comprehensive protocols than what is currently offered to any given patient.  

Our doctors need more support from government to feel free to be trained by those who know the workings of these diseases and how to treat patients who clearly test and show a history of symptoms. The doctors need to have the freedom to be able to treat a patient for however long it may take to fully recover in order to be put back into the workforce.


We need funded research programs supported by our government which can allocate the specific bacteria that can be found in our ticks, and possibly other insects, and extract them to develop accurate testing methods to better serve our people.  Better testing at an earlier stage in the disease can prevent long term suffering and provide more appropriate treatment methods.


We need pharmaceutical companies to charge a respectable profit margin and not overprice the simple treatment that is needed for these diseases. Antibiotic costs are exorbitant in Australia compared to other countries and this need to stop.  Medical insurance companies need to work alongside these companies and realize that if they in fact charge just a normal profit margin, this disease may not even be as expensive for the patient. The cost need not be as taxing on government as it claims to be if correct costing is taken into consideration.  


With this strict denial of the Australian government to acknowledge and allow treatment of Lyme and related diseases, people who have been infected overseas and have been diagnosed positive overseas are denied full treatment as the doctors are not allowed to fully treat under the medical system. They are also denied proper care under the current system and are rather advised to go overseas for proper treatment, regardless of the fact that they are contributing to Medicare, taxes and private health funds.


Please realize that Lyme disease, Rickettsia and its Co-infections is an epidemic which is spreading, infecting more and more people.  Just as with AIDS, you will soon know at least 1 person who may have this disease.


The only difference currently is that this person is probably not getting proper treatment because governments are still in denial. This person may soon die or will live a life of agony, presenting with symptoms such as chronic fatigue, MS, dementia, MND etc. This discomfort will continue for as long as it takes for the governments, yes governments, not medical doctors,  to decide whether this person is really sick or not.


Slow progress is being made as you read this letter and just recently doctors got together in Sydney for a conference taking the interest of the patients at heart. We need your support to help these initiatives move forward and to help the medical professionals who are willing to help us to convince the government that Australia is in need of realizing that a real medical problem is no longer on their doorstep.  It is in our homes.  

This is a problem to which there is a solution. If we can open a way of conversation with government to hear our plight, we will help many of those who do not have the energy or health to fight anymore.

Please consider in supporting this petition. We need to move forward on this. Convincing the Government to make changes and allow treatment may one day save someone very dear to you, it may even be your child or grand-child. 

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