Shut Down Puppy Mill Store In Williamsport, PA!

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Many people have already raised awareness about the Puppy store in downtown Williamsport through Facebook and word of mouth, but now it’s time that we shut this store down. The dogs are extremely overpriced for being mutts, older than the typical 8 week old puppy which is unusual, their water supply is not adequate, there are no pictures of the dogs’ mother or father, and they are sitting in empty plywood pens with sparse shavings as cushion. It is clear these puppies are from a puppy mill and I believe it is imperative to seek evidence to support this fact so that we can stop these people from selling any more animals. Please consider helping this cause as countless lives of innocent animals are being put in danger and not given the quality of life they deserve before finding a home. Investigation and background checks on this store must start now!