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Night flights at Luton Airport are currently unregulated and affect far more people than at London City Airport, which has a night movements curfew. Planes from Luton Airport are much bigger, and there are plans to almost double the existing 8,500 night flights per annum. There are more night movements at Luton than at Heathrow. The World Health Organisation links noise disturbance at night to serious health problems. We are calling for a significant reduction in night flights at Luton Airport instead of the further increase which is being proposed.

Letter to
Managing Director, Luton Airport Glyn Jones
Secretary of State Eric Pickles
Luton Borough Council Planning Officer 12/01400/FUL
People who live near Luton Airport have had enough of being woken by aircraft late and night and early in the morning. Plans to double the number of night flights between 10pm and midnight, and to start early morning flights at 5am, are exactly the opposite of what the Airport needs to do if it genuinely wishes to be "a good neighbour".

If the Airport is not prepared voluntarily to reduce night noise in line with the Aviation Policy Framework which states that ‘planning policies and decisions should aim to avoid noise from giving rise to significant adverse impacts on health and quality of life as a result of new development, and mitigate and reduce to a minimum other adverse impacts … including through the use of conditions’ then it should be brought into line with other London airports where regulation is used to limit or to ban aircraft movements at night.