Take A Stand Against The Barbaric Procedures Of The Aruba Killcage

Take A Stand Against The Barbaric Procedures Of The Aruba Killcage

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Why this petition matters

To:  Aruba Government
Be the voice of the abused and neglected animals of Aruba
Now is the time to take a stand against animal abuse and the brutality that takes place inside the Aruba kill cage, and on the streets of Aruba.  To be clear, the kill cage is NOT the Aruba Animal Shelter, which are both located in Wayaca.   

In an effort to show solidarity against the murderous practices taking place inside the kill cage, your signature on this petition is appreciated.  The purpose of this petition is to raise awareness with the Aruban government about what takes place on a daily basis inside the Aruba kill cage, and to reiterate to the government that inhumane animal practices take place daily in the streets and in neighborhoods of our island. 
Additionally, signing the petition gives you a chance to be a voice for the helpless and often abused or neglected animals on the island, and support the concept of spay and neuter as a method to get the animal overpopulation under control. The kill cage is not a solution.  Killing healthy or treatable animals is not a solution to reducing the street dog and cat population of Aruba.  The government must acknowledge what is taking place, and become a bigger part of the solution.

This is what should happen:

*Establishment of ethical rules and guidelines for maintaining the kill cage

*Establishment of humane and ethical guidelines for euthanasia

*The kill cage should not be connected to the Shelter. It should be located elsewhere or added to the shelter so that someone is always there to register the animals

 *All animals should be scanned prior to been euthanized.

*Proper shelter should be provided for the animals while being in the cage, such as food, water and shade from the sun

*All animals should have 24 hours to be found by owners and have a chance to get adopted (open a Facebook page)(place all animals that are healthy on that page in the hope to find a owner)

*Spay and Neuter should be mandatory once you adopt a dog

*Some sort of registration should take place, so owners can know that they are being monitored.

*If animals are put down it should be done by a certified person.NO animal should have to suffer in the process.

*We are not asking to shut down the killcage as for the mentality of our island is not up to the level where the cage can be shut.




Your signature tells the government that it is time to assume more responsibility, and encourage it to lead the charge against animal neglect and abuse, and kill cage cruelty, on the beautiful island of Aruba. Over 5000 animals are killed yearly in a barbaric way. That has to STOP!!!

This is not only a problem for our government, but for all living on the island of Aruba. Its time to take responsibility for your actions. Spay, Neuter and Educate.

Stop letting so many animals run the streets and suffering.

Stop poisoning our animals or starving them.





200,719 have signed. Let’s get to 300,000!