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Include plus size models

One in three women are said to have a body image issue. As a fitness clothing store, Lululemon Athletica helped revolutionize yoga and its clothing apparel, and has been part of the movement to help women be proud to get out and exercise. It now sports not only yoga, but also runners, skiers, crossfitters as clothing ambassadors too. It's been so successful with teens its even started up a subsidiary company for pre-teens and teens called "Ivivva Athletica". Wouldn't it be amazing if Lululemon took an active stand in showing women of all sizes being athletic? If when you went to buy a Lululemon top online you saw all kinds of women modeling the clothes, one you might even identify with? If as a teen, a girl could grow up not envying the models she sees in Ivivva? That we could decrease that statistic of one in three women having body image issues, and Lululemon could be the platform for it? Let's see fitness at any size.

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